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graphic design

Graphic Design

Our focus is on the client and their project. We ask the important questions so we understand what your needs are and how to achieve your vision. Do you have a logo in mind but can't seem to get it on paper? Do you have a brochure that just isn't coming together? Do you have a designer, but they are unresponsive to your communications? Redesignwithme assists with all your graphic design needs.


Rachel and I worked together on many client ad projects and marketing campaigns; from internet banner design, custom product messages, and print advertisements. Her work was always on time, professional, and she always brought her creativity to the table. Many clients complimented her execution of design. Given the opportunity, I would absolutely work with Rachel again!  

-- Lisa W.

I had pretty high expectations going into this project with Rachel. The final design didn't just exceed my original expectations, it shattered them! Thank you again Rachel! 

-- Matthew Bishop, Ambit Energy

product design

Custom Event Tickets

I designed custom event tickets with the client in mind. If you would like custom designs please request a quote on contact page.

Custom Wedding Invitation, Inserts and Save the date

I designed custom invitations, inserts and Save the Date with the cartoon character theme in mind. Programs and schedules for the day were also designed with the theme of cartoons in mind to keep everything cohesive. If you would like custom invitations, please request a quote or buy our listing on our store page.

Custom Game Board

A monopoly based series including personalized monopoly game and bridal shower centerpieces.


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