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personalized gifts

Personalized Gifts

Our handmade creations have a whimsical personality. Every piece is customized and made-to-order. We love specific requests and rise to the challenge of new ideas that begin with a napkin drawing and turn into a three dimensional sculpture. We also recently started creating digital files of favorited print items. If you have any requests, please let us know.

Small Yellow with Red spine multi-colored polymer clay maple leaf

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Product Details

This small handmade yellow red spine polymer clay maple leaf necklace is a wonderful gift for a special someone in your life. The leaf can be worn as a birthday, bridesmaid or wedding present, or whatever occasion you wish. The beautiful charm sparkles and shine sin all different lighting and gives your day a little taste of nature. The charm is painted gold on the underside and has been reinforced with a coat of resin. The chain can be adjusted to the preferred length before delivery. The chain is only available in gold. Don’t wait for the seasons to change to buy your loved one a beautiful fall leaf necklace to wear all year round.

Material: polymer clay, mica powder, resin
Color: multi-colored, yellow mostly with red spine
Fit: Chain can be customized to size.

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