Can I talk to my sister?

I saw Alyssa and her two girls, Charlotte and Freya in the Fall of 2020 when I finally started advertising my business as professional photographer. I remember their session being somewhat of a challenge after taking some professional virtual classes and after buying another camera that I wasn’t used to yet. It was an outside school photo and family session with her two high energy girls. There were so many great moments to capture that I felt I couldn’t possibly capture a still moment that looked anything like a school portrait. However, at the end of the session there were over a dozen photos delivered and I absolutely fell in love with these girls and their expressive faces and active spirits. I was honored to be invited back to photograph their in home Christmas card session this month.

Towards the end of the Christmas card session, Charlotte, the older of the two sisters, her mom Alyssa and I, were all engaged in chit chat and conversation about my plans for our dance moves for a social media post I wanted to create with the two girls. From the corner of the room, I heard a small voice say, “Can I talk to my sister?” Hearing this request, I turned slightly to my left and looked down to where the tiny voice came from. It was Freya, a feisty blonde 5 year old who was asking me this question in order to get Charlotte’s attention. “Charlotte, I think your sister wants your attention.” I said with a slight grin. Freya then proceeded to explain to Charlotte that she needed her help in making a limbo line and jump rope out of one of the garland I brought as a prop for their video.

As the music played from my iPhone, we all laughed while I recorded the two girls using the red garland as a limbo line. I chuckled as I watched the girls get into a heated debate while the older sister, Charlotte, held the garland at an unreasonably low limbo level. Freya eventually crab walked underneath the garland while trying not to have her slightly exposed stomach touch the red tinsel.

Moments like this bring found memories of my childhood to mind. As the oldest of two siblings, I never had to worry about commanding my parent’s attention, but I’m sure for my younger sister, it may have been a challenge at times. As I watched the girls play together, I thought of how my younger sister and I would make up our own scenarios and games to entertain ourselves. It made me happy to see that the two girls had such an imagination with the simple props I brought. The two girls had grown and changed so much over the year since I last saw them. Moments of childhood at their ages are so fleeting. The passage of time is just incredible, especially over the last year when most of us hadn’t seen each other due to COVID.


Your girls are so expressive and funny. It’s clear that they love each other and I had a blast photographing them again and that they were into making our holiday video together. I look to you for inspiration if I ever start a family while running a successful business at the same time. I can’t imagine how it’s done, but I’ll know where to go if/when I ever need advice on how to juggle so many responsibilities.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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