Love is in the Air Altamont!

My sister and I love spending time in my hometown and promoting local businesses. In addition to providing good friends and a great education, Altamont was the birthplace of my love for weddings and my photography business. I noticed that many people, including myself, find it hard to stay positive with the health crisis looming overhead, and the cold weather making it tough to go outside. To promote positivity and show love for my hometown during these difficult times, I hosted a photo project to promote positive energy and lift the spirits around the town of Altamont. The event was Valentine’s Day weekend 2021 and is called "Show Me the Love."

Show Me the Love project offered a free 10 minute porch photo session to 10 residents and one business in Altamont, to show love/support for our town and for each other. Participants were encouraged to be festive with the Valentine’s Day theme to celebrate the event. Some made arts and crafts projects as props to pose with, some displayed signs and streamers.

My sister was kind enough to be my helper during the event to keep me on schedule and organized while I focused on the photography and participant direction. We always make a great team. Lauren got some great footage of our day together. Check out our adventure below.

The full album of photos can be found on my website here. Love is all around, you just have to know where to look.

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