Old Friends and New Beginnings

Updated: May 6, 2021

Family Portraits Pratt Falls County Park, Syracuse, NY

This beautiful lady is Lauren Wojtalewski. Lauren and I have been great friends for over 20 years. She is easily one of the most talented artists, photographers, and graphic designers I know. Lauren and I went to The College of Saint Rose together and got to know each other after our first drawing class when we went to the art store to buy supplies. In addition to bonding over our obvious art and graphic design interest, Lauren and I share an ear for Celtic music, and during our college years, a preference for studying or working on our design work over partying and libations.

Lauren and I visit each other on holidays and birthdays, and we've been there for each other through the successes and loses in work and in our personal lives.

In January of 2020, Lauren lost her husband Todd to a three year battle with Multiple Myeloma. She has been a beacon of strength for their son Charlie and for so many other friends and family through the entire heartache.

Lauren's personal strength of character and love for life after this hardship inspired her to pursue her online Masters in Communication at Purdue University.

While juggling the workload of her advanced degree and homeschooling her son Charlie a few days a week, she has found companionship with Jim Baron and his family of two boys Alex and Gabe and his daughter Lizzy. You can see that Jim and Lauren are genuinely happy getting to know one another while spending time with their two families.

Family Portraits Pratt Falls County Park, Syracuse, NY

Photographing for a close friend is always challenging, especially if it's another photographer. I completed three rounds of editing, starting over each time, before I was satisfied and completely cross eyed and color blind. LOL. It is all worth it when I think about my friend and what she has gone through, and how far she has come in such a short time. I am honored that she entrusted me to capture this fresh start that makes her beam with happiness and fulfillment. Here's to a new chapter in life's adventure!

Family Portraits Pratt Falls County Park, Syracuse, NY

To see the entire album visit the portraits page http://www.wojtalewskibaronport.redesignwithme.us/

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