Lake Minnewaska Engagement Session Experience - Jayleen and Connor

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My husband and I popped out of the car after an hour and a half ride to walk around Lake Minnewaska. It was a cool day in May as we approached spring Mother’s Day weekend and was I scouting the Lake and hiking trail for possible engagement session photo location for Jayleen and Connor.

My husband and I began climbing the steps from the parking lot up to the visitor center standing at the top of the hill. We walked up the slightly inclined gravel trail behind the visitor center, the grinding of stones beneath our feet. A wood railing and fence appeared at the edge of the path guarding some pines and leafless trees, in addition to protecting patrons from the steep rocky drop below.

Directly behind the visitor center at the beginning of our trail walk, the trees parted to reveal the beautiful Lake Minnewaska. The water rippled, shimmering from the overcast sky, sending slivers of silver through the shadows cast by the white limestone cliff sides. It was a gorgeous site with so much potential even as a landscape painting or photograph. We leaned over the fence taking in the entire panoramic view. Even without the leafy green trees, which would soon bloom, the lake is a beautiful place.

Mid-day was upon us and the clouds were starting to break towards the other end of the lake. As we walked the trail together, we noticed families and couples eating in the little inlets and out coves apart from the main path. Across the water, the cliffs became dotted with people venturing towards the edge to get the epic photos and take a rest on the white limestone.

My husband and I took each other's hands and walked at a leisurely pace down the path. Smiling and chatting while looking out at the water and views, I couldn't believe how truly perfect this day and these moments were. I couldn’t help but start a philosophical conversation with my husband as we navigated the path around the lake only mentioning how out of shape we both were a few times up the slight hills here and there. We were a little more than halfway around when we arrived at a large open field of green grass. At this point, the clouds had broken and blue sky began to peek out. We walked across the field and there we were, right at the cliffs edge. We looked across the lake where we could see the nature center and I saw the perfect photo for Jayleen and Connor. I saw other patrons venturing onto the cliff‘s edge and I imagined my couple standing there with the beautiful blue skies, water and mountains in the background. I couldn't wait to text Jayleen and Connor. I only hoped from my photos and in two weeks time, they would find love in the calm tranquil beauty of this place, as my husband and I did. Funny how a photography scouting assignment, turned into a journey of rediscovery, reminding my husband and I of what dating was before we became busy with our every day life.

Jayleen and Connor,

I couldn't wait to present you with your epic engagement photos below. I think you’ll agree, the long car ride, hours in the blazing sun, the 90 degree heat wave in May, the sweat stains, the bug attacks in the shady areas, and the events leading up to the realization that you locked your keys in your car in the parking lot, was totally worth these truly gorgeous views and smiles. I can’t compliment you both enough for sticking out the day with Redesignwithme and Redrosevideo.

We are so glad you liked the location as an alternative to the Lemon Squeezer. You were both brave to get out on that cliffside (even with Jayleen's discomfort with heights) to make the vision from a few weeks earlier come to life before my eyes. It was a dream until I had you both there and it was more beautiful than I could have imagined.

The first stop on the trail was the bridge and the pathway under the bridge to keep the couple in the shade as much as possible. The sun on their backs provided some back lighting.

Jayleen’s gorgeous blue dress matched Connor’s suit color and complimented their surroundings perfectly! The Lake water is the most clear blue I’ve ever seen.

Showing some love on the cliffside at a shanty little shed

Dancing and dipping with the blossoms....

Love on the rocks and those epic views with mountains and trees in the background.

We found a beautiful shady spot where the sun peeked through the trees and we captured some single portraits.

Jayleen and Connor changed clothes and had a little picnic with a charcuterie board on a field near the Visitor Center. They love board games and card games, so we brought Phase 10 for them to play while they had fun trying to catch grapes in their mouths.

We ended the day with a sunset Spider-Man kiss. So stinkin’ cute!!!!

Thank you to Jayleen and Connor for surviving the day in the heat and for not stressing too much when you realized your keys were locked in your car.

A big thank you to Lake Minnewaska and their wonderful scenic views, and to the park staff who helped Jayleen and Connor get into their car so they could eventually drive home.

Thank you to Redrosevideos for bringing the big cart to transport our gear and supplies, and for being the perfect videographer companion to our awesome session idea.

Thank you to Lauren Eson Goldman for being “strong like bull” as she helped push the supply cart up some steep hills, and for also filming the behind the scenes footage still to come.

Here's to teamwork and the Jayleen and Connor Engagement session crew!!

And below is the long awaited Engagement Session Experience behind the scene footage video:

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