A Lovely "Spooky" Beginning - Groom's First Look

The music began as the groom walked down the small green grass hill to the ceremony aisle draped with black cloth fabric and red ribbons. His pace was brisk and a smile flashed across his face. His groomsmen followed him one by one to the beat of the song "Love You 'Till the End" by The Pogues. The groomsmen lined up to the right of the groom as they all stood in front of a large wooden altar the groom had made himself. The altar and aisles were draped with black cloth and were adorned with red and orange fall flowers since Halloween was approaching. The groom clasped his left hand tightly at the wrist. He softly chewed on a piece of gum as he exhaled deeply into the open air. The instrumental version of "Turning Page" by Sleeping At Last swelled and the groom quickly directed his gaze towards the top of the hill where he would see his future wife on their wedding day for the first time. Then, she stepped into the light. The bride was a vision in white lace long sleeves which in contrast popped against the lime green grass beneath her feet and green leaves on the trees. Her smile beamed. Everyone watched her breathlessly as she stepped carefully down the small hill. Her left hand held the front of her dress slightly above the ground, her right arm was lovingly linked arm and arm with her mother. The groom's breath caught in his chest. The reflection of his bride, like a crystal caught in the light, displayed in his green eyes. Tears of overwhelming happiness and awe of the vision in white pooled at the edges of his eyelids. The groom took another deep breath trying to hold his emotions inside. The bride was halfway down the aisle when the groom lost what little composure he had and sobbed tightly squeezing the bridge of his nose. The bride met him at the altar and smiled as the groom sniffed and brushed the remaining tears away. The bride's mother presented her daughter's hand to the groom with a gentle and loving hand. The affection radiated from the couple as they joined hands and the officiant began the ceremony.

Nadine and Jeff,

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I can't thank you two enough for how you've touched my heart and my business. From our very first in-person meeting, I felt right away that you two and I were destined to meet. Our common love for Lake Placid, 80s music and cats really sealed the deal. Nadine, I am so excited that you trusted my skills after only one meeting to book the first boudoir session I ever photographed. The setting was perfect and you were so easy to work with and direct into elegant poses. It was just as much fun for me as it was for you and it made me want to be in front of the camera myself for a session. I was on such a natural high after the session that I totally rocked out to upbeat rock music as I screamed the lyrics out the open car window on my drive home. Then the engagement session. I can't even handle how funny and cute you and Jeff were together doing all those 80s poses in addition to the traditional photos that we chased the sunset for at the Hall of Springs in Saratoga. I was also very excited to use one of your images from the engagement session to custom design your wedding invitation package. The wedding couldn't have been more beautiful and such a wonderful nod to the "spooky" theme. The colors you chose really popped and as a designer, I really appreciated the fact that your theme carried through all aspects of your engagement session and into your wedding ceremony and reception. Your wedding was very emotional for me and I felt honored to be such a huge part of your celebration as an engaged and then married couple. It doesn't take any special skill to see the tremendous love and respect you have for eachother. My husband cried happy tears at our wedding when reading our own vows. It made me realize how special we are to each other. Similar to you and Jeff, my husband makes me laugh constantly. It's one of the reasons I fell in love with him. I truly love you guys and consider you both to be great friends in addition to wonderful clients. You were a great source of inspiration for my business as we worked together on all of the photography sessions and custom graphic designed invitation process. I can't wait until we meet up again and have a date night and talk about trips to Lake placid and you guys meet my family of husband and kitties.

Till next time, Congratulations you too!! hope you have a great holiday season and a wonderful New Year!!

Special Thanks to:

Venue: Elks Club - Lodge #161 Saratoga, NY

Florals: Dehn's Flowers

DJ: Hersh Productions

Bride's Dress: Lily Saratoga

Bridesmaid dresses: Chloe Dress

Cake: Shannan Baker, Groom's Mom

Altar: Jeff Baker (Groom)

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