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Updated: Oct 10, 2021

In spring of this year my company, Redesignwithme, held a Free Engagement Session Giveaway. Three couples were chosen and booked to have an Engagement session with me on three different dates this upcoming summer.


Nadine and Jeff originally found my work advertised on The Knot. They said "We loved your work but my bio sealed the deal." They connected with me by email about their wedding in early 2021. As soon as we met, the three of us just clicked!!! They have the sweetest personalities and I love how they made both each other, and I, laugh throughout our meeting. We all love cats, trips to Lake Placid, and 80s music. After our in-person meeting, Nadine and Jeff wrote, "You are so down-to-earth, which was important to us." We have become instant friends throughout their wedding planning process.

Give Away Contest Winner

Nadine was one of the first three entries for the Engagement Session Giveaway. I announced and hosted a live Instagram game and name drawing. Nadine attended the live session and won prizes she can apply to purchases after the session.

Engagement Session #1 of 2021

It was the perfect temperature at the Hall of Springs in Saratoga that Sunday when I drove to met Nadine and Jeff in June. Nadine and I texted just before the session confirming where we would meet in the park, and the next text said "I hope you recognize us." I texted back playfully, "Why? Are you wearing disguises? ;-)" In response Nadine wrote "We wore our goofy outfits first to get the nice sunset ones in our nice clothes." I responded, "Oh ok cool" pondering "what could they be wearing?" I was both excited and intrigued. A few minutes later, thankfully, I recognized Nadine and Jeff walking towards me. They were wearing the funniest outfits I'd ever seen to an engagement session! Jeff wore a Hawaiian shirt, jean shorts cut-off above the knee, white tube socks, and sandals. Nadine wore "mom" blue jeans, a white, blue, and yellow plaid shirt with a blue flower print, boat shoes, and of course, coke bottle sized glasses to finish off the look. They explained that they really wanted to have a set of funny Awkward 80s images to use for a sign-in message board for their guests as they enter the reception hall at the wedding. What a fantastic idea! Right?!!!! They wanted something that would make their guests say, "Yep, that's Nadine and Jeff for ya!"

The teaser image above is cropped as a courtesy to Nadine and Jeff so their guests will be a surprised at the wedding when they see the final images.

(In order to see the rest of their awesome funny images, visit my blog in October where I will reveal all engagement photos, along with their wedding photos. For now....... you can see a preview of them in this Instagram Reel I made, and make sure you follow me for more updates ;-) )

When we were done with our Awkward 80s images, the sun began to set near The Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC). Nadine, Jeff, and I, chased the sunset over the trees and were able to capture some truly romantic portraits which they will use for their Redesignwithme custom designed invitations, RSVP, and honeymoon fund card (coming soon).

Bling, Bling, look at that ring!! They even got their forest green ring box in the shot!

"Sexy potatoes" said in her ear made Nadine smile!

Just a typical dip in the forest on a Sunday evening in the park, no biggie ;-).

I had such a great time shooting this session and I was cracking up when editing their funny images. I can't wait for all of you to see them in October after I photograph their wedding!!

Congratulations Nadine and Jeff!! Thank you for the opportunity to work with you, and for allowing me to use of my graphic design training and photography skills to add personal elements to your wedding celebration! I am truly grateful.

See their full album of formals here.

Update: Nadine presented a Redesignwithme boudoir photo session album as a present to Jeff on their wedding day. Check out some of the steamy photos from her session on the blog and website.

Honorable mentions:

Nadine's sister, who I have yet to meet, for doing Nadine's hair and makeup

Good Will - for the Awkward 80s clothes

Hall of Springs in Saratoga Springs, NY

Nadine and Jeff - For such a fun loving session

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