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Portrait of an Actress

Our guest blog comes to you today from an email interview with Kelsey Marlowe Jessup about her May 16th, 2021 portrait session.

Kelsey and I met by chance on an application called Alignable when I created an ad for a modeling call to help with my marketing. We came from faceless interactions and quickly transitioned to being friends on social media, and then collaborators while working on her session details. While she scrambled to find her outfits and props, I coordinated with the venue and a second photographer that resulted in this wonderful collaboration where all of us benefit from each other’s talents and services.

I want to thank Kelsey and her mom Amy for gathering all of the outfits and props and making time to drive to the venue to have Kelsey pose for portraits. I’d also like to thank Ryan Nunziata for his casual friendly demeanor, his assistance with Kelsey helping her up and down off ledges, his humor while at the venue prompted real life laughter and smiles from us all, and not to mention his love of photography, skill, travel from Johnstown to Lake George, and shot list suggestions. I’d also like to thank Jayne @ The Lodges at Cresthaven for the full use and run of the beautiful venue, boathouse and docks.


Without further ado, our guest blog interview by Kelsey Marlowe Jessup:

Introduce yourself and where you’re from?

Hello! My name is Kelsey Marlowe Jessup and I am an actor, baker, and poet from Glenville, NY. Ultimately, I am a wholehearted soul who loves to discover and share all of the beauty I see in life. And some fun facts about me: I’m a Capricorn sun, my favorite color is purple, and I love cats!

Where did we meet one another and how was that encounter and communication?

I met Rachel online via Alignable! I wasn’t too sure how helpful this service platform was at first, but once I saw Rachel’s add about looking for a model, I immediately reached out and we connected right away. Even though I hadn’t met her in person until our photoshoot, her messages came off as quite professional and kind. And after finding her on social media, and seeing some of her work, I was very comfortable and excited to work with her!

What do you do for a living and why?

I am currently a pre-professional actor preparing to pursue an Acting MFA at the University of Essex East 15 Acting School in Loughton, UK. My passion for acting stems from my childhood. I found significant happiness and strength within my person as a result of acting along with musical films, as well as attending nationally touring productions at Schenectady’s Proctors Theater. Likewise, I began to see the societal impact theatre can make by bridging the gap between people of various backgrounds by way of storytelling. For me, acting in theatre, film, and live storytelling is my way of giving love in this world.

What did you enjoy about your photo session?

I loved so many things! The relaxed nature, the kindness of Rachel and Ryan (the guest photographer), their excitement throughout, the weather happened to be really nice, and there was a wholesome energy that carried through. No judgement whatsoever, only playfulness and encouragement!

How did you feel about your portraits when you saw them?

I was THRILLED!!! Of course, as a younger person, I believe that I am still finding my modeling angles and such. So, I personally am learning to be more accepting of how I appear in all photographs. But there was such a range of looks, from gorgeous to fierce, and I really felt like Rachel’s suggestions for poses and physical adjustment brought out the best in my work! I don’t think I could be happier to have all of her photos as an addition to my portfolio!

How did you feel about the directions you received when posing?

They were wonderful! Rachel was very courteous in her manner, and generous in both small directions, as well as encouraging me to find what was natural for me in the moment.

Did the final portraits meet your expectations?

The final portraits surpassed my expectations. Whether it was the exact angle, moment in my body or face, or framing of my person with the scenery, there is a magnificence to each individual portrait that I have yet to see in photos of me. They are all just beautiful!

Which photos are your favorites and why?

Always the ones where I receive an honesty in my eyes (and when my eyes cannot be seen, an honesty in my body). Like some people say “the eyes are a gateway to the soul”, I think when the eyes are lit up and captured in just a way, there is an unmatched beauty and wherever they are in that moment, their story is conveyed through the photo. Let me tell you, there were a plethora of these in the portraits I received!

Would you recommend Redesignwithme to others? If so, what would you say to a client considering Redesignwithme that would help the client choose to hire us?

Absolutely! For weddings, portraits, head shots, any kind of professional photos that you need, Rachels photos are stunning to see! With her skills, professionalism, kindness, and play, I recommend her without hesitation!

Full album of images listed here.

Model and Actress Guest Blogger:

Kelsey Marlowe Jessup - her poems and acting clips can be found on her Instagram account @kelsey_m_j


Second Photographer (photos not listed):

Ryan Nunziata on Facebook


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