Ballston Lake Home - Boxer Dog Portrait Session

When a prior coworker, Melinda, called me out of the blue I was so excited to hear from her. She and I had tried to plan a get together for some time, but with Covid spiking, it was tough to plan. After Melinda and I caught up for a bit on the phone, she told me the other reason for her call.

Melinda and her husband Gary adopted a 12 week old boxer dog when they first got married 9 years ago and named her Lola. It was a rare occasion where Lola was alone. Melinda left for work each day to go to the office, but Gary worked from home and got to spend the most time with Lola. Over the years Gary and Lola formed a close bond. When new vehicle purchases were made, Gary and Melinda always kept Lola’s comfort in mind. When the three of them would travel in Gary’s convertible, Lola would sit in the back seat wearing special doggy goggles “doggles,” while she enjoyed the wind whipping her ears back. Lola quickly became a loving addition to Melinda and Gary’s growing family. After Melinda’s granddaughter Keira was born last year, the dog became Keira‘s shadow. Lola followed Keira everywhere around the house. The pair would often be found staring out the backyard window together while watching passing squirrels or birds.

After a recent surgery and vet visit, Melinda and Gary were hit with sad news. Lola was diagnosed with bone cancer. Melinda and Gary were devastated. The cancer is aggressive and the vet said Lola doesn’t have much time. Melinda and Gary decided to bring her home and give Lola the best life possible for as long as she has left.


First it was so wonderful to see you and catch up after such a long time. Although it’s been almost two years, it felt like no time had passed when we finally got together. It was wonderful to meet Gary again and I am so glad you have found happiness in retirement and time spent with your family. Keira is so cute and I was so surprised there were no tears or tantrums from her or Lola during our session.

Second, I am so sad to hear about Lola. I can see she means so much to you and Gary. She is such a well behaved and loving animal. I am honored you thought of me and felt humbled while I captured these fleeting moments that celebrate her life. She is so well loved and cared for and it’s wonderful that you and Gary provided a good home and comfortable life for her. I will keep Lola in my thoughts in the months to come and know that you and Gary will enjoy every moment you have with her. I know these photos will never hold a candle to 9 years of memories, but I hope it will help to remind you and Gary of how lucky Lola is to have both of you as her doggy parents.

With love always,


Boxer dog on bright plaid blanket - Lola

Boxer dog in home on hardwood floor posing for portraits

Boxer dog with family portraits in home in front of fireplace

Boxer dog an 10 month old baby look out window together

Boxer dog and baby pose on hardwood floor together for portraits

Man kisses boxer dog on the side of head while embracing the dog

Women gets nuzzled by her boxer dog

Boxer dog standing with plaid vest in the snow

Boxer dog in plaid vest running in the snow

Boxer dog with plaid vest standing in snow with owner on residential lawn

Boxer dog in home on plaid blanket

Special thanks to:

Melinda for thinking of me. Melinda’s family.

Lola and Keira for being so well behaved.

If you'd like to see more of Lola, her album is here on our website, enjoy!

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