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Wedding Franklin Plaza, Troy NY - Victoria and Ian, the piano man

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

The word overjoyed can not even begin to encapsulate how I feel about this couple getting married.

Ian and Victoria met at their mutual friend's birthday party at the Biergarten. They had both come out of long-term relationships and decided to take things slow. They bonded almost instantly and they fell for each other. Both have a love of music (listening and performing) and spending time with friends and family which is a very important cornerstone in their relationship.

During their engagement session in January of 2022, the wind whipped as a cold breeze bit the tips of our ears, fingers, and all the way down to our cores. The snow had fallen from a storm the previous weekend and coated the ground in piles of white. I told them it would be worth it in case there was no snow on their wedding day. Boy was I right!

Eleven months later, on a cool crisp December day without snow the air was dry and biting cold, but this time it was the couple's wedding day.

The Bridal suite at the Best Western buzzed with the activity of 8 bridesmaids, 2 junior bridesmaids, Mother of the bride, and Tori, all getting ready, as my sister Lauren and I arrived. It was a wonderfully warm and inviting room and the bride and bridesmaids couldn't have been more helpful when following our advice. Wonderful detail shots resulted from an open area, kept neat by the bridal party, where we photographed the dress, shoes, rings, invitation, and other important details.

Special moments were captured between friends and family ranging from a group slipper arrangement to Tiktok video. I give kudos to the bridal party for being extremely excited while outside shivering on the balcony of the suite as Victoria popped the cork on a champagne bottle.

After a warming first look with her bridesmaids, we walked Victoria down the hall using white open studio umbrellas extended in front and to the side of our walking party, in order to shade Victoria from view of her wedding guests as they checked into the hotel. Victoria's dad waited for her in an open event room on the first floor of the Best Western Hotel. He was turned towards the window and he then turned to view his daughter in her wedding dress. A wide smile came across both their faces as they embraced in a hug.

Ian waited outside the Franklin Plaza facing towards their black awning for the first look with Victoria. As Victoria, my sister, and I crossed the street, the sun was starting to set over the buildings in downtown Troy. We posed the couple around the corner of the building for a first touch where Victoria and Ian entwined their fingers and smiled for a few moments just happily being together. We turned Ian's back away from his bride while Victoria stood in the glow of the setting sun. When Ian turned around to see Victoria, he laughed, smiled, and instantly the weight of the moment lifted from both of them. They relaxed into each others arms and took each others hands while walking the sidewalk towards the black awning and into the doors of the venue.

Tori and Ian were married in the beautiful Franklin Plaza Ballroom in Troy, NY.

The reception was nothing less than spectacular as the bridal party made their entrances on the dance floor. Victoria and Ian had their first dance and parent dances. At the end of the father daughter dance they broke into a celebration of libation and dance to the song "Rattlin' Bog." The entire wedding party got into the festivities some even linked arms mimicking moves at a barn dance until their laughter or breath caught up to them.

Most of us who know Ian's family know that he is a performer by trait. He grew up in a musical family and each of his siblings was gifted with talent. You may have seen Ian play keyboard, harmonica or other instruments with his favorite bands, The Doug Villano Band and Funk Evolution. Both bands are local to the Albany NY area and play at multiple venues throughout the year. Those of us who have seen Ian play hoped that he would provide a special performance during his wedding reception. He did not disappoint. Funk Evolution had him play a breakout performance of "Saturday Night" by Elton John and his staple song "Pianoman" by Billy Joel. The whole reception hall was wild with dancing and cheering and Victoria was right up front singing along cheering on her groom and new husband. How much more Rock n Roll can you get?!

The reception stopped towards the end of the night for a musical interlude by Victoria and Ian's family members and friends. The members of the chorus harmonized in song. It touched my heart and at that moment I felt very lucky to have been chosen to photograph, observe, and to have played such an important part in Victoria and Ian's celebration.

Important beginnings

Victoria and Ian came to me through Ian's sister Jen, who I have been friends with for about 20 years. Jen and her husband Lucas are some of the most caring and loving people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The generous and authentic nature they both have extends to all of Jen's siblings including her sisters Carrie (engagement session), Courtney, Emily, and their brother Ian and youngest brother, Ben. My husband and I have come to know Jen, her husband, children, and Jen's siblings as extended family over the years. We can't imagine our lives without them and our close friendship.

Tori and Ian,

Thank you so much for entrusting me and my team's photography skills with your wedding celebration. I was so glad to have been able to use some of my lighting with the help of my sister to capture all of the days events and special photos you both wanted. I can't wait to see you both again and watch your lives grow together and where your future takes you.

Special Thanks to the vendors that made Victoria and Ian's day a really huge success!

Flowers: DIY by Betty Altomeri

Where is your dress/outfit from: Lily Saratoga

Where are your wedding party dresses are from: AZAZIE

Tux or suit rentals from: Men's Wearhouse

Catering Company: Franklin Plaza

Any other special vendors you are working with: Funk Evolution - The band

Officiant: Jeff Dorrance



Beautiful photos of a beautiful wedding!

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