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Marching 4th from Wedding Photography to Motherhood

Spring is almost upon us and I'm sure most are counting down the days until we have another streak upwards of 60 degrees. The months of January and February, normally slow for photographers were a hustle and bustle of activity for my family and I.

In December, we found out the wonderful news that we are expecting a baby in August. Neither my husband or I can believe it since we are in our 40's and weren't really expecting to be able to conceive with some of our medical history. We had decided if it was going to happen, it was meant to be.

After the slight scare of a blood clot in the first few weeks of pregnancy, we are on our way into the second trimester full force. We decided to wait for a special gender reveal to find out what we are having. Watch the video below to find out:

We are over the moon with excitement, and anticipation, and we are so happy to announce the hopeful arrival of a new Marchetti edition in August 2023.

This means wedding business will slow down in June- October, but I am planning to pick up the pace again and be present for shorter Fall sessions and Winter weddings in 2023.

As for now, we are open for spring family and maternity sessions.

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