Meeting potential clients happens to be a lot like dating - Wedding Photography

Updated: May 5

I was speaking with one of my brides a few months ago and we were talking about past relationships. It feels like the subject comes up once and a while in conversation for me, especially during wedding season.

We talked about our mutually bad experiences with our most recent exs, looking back on them we described what asses these men were and how grateful we are to have found the right person now.

Little did I know how much this rejection would help me in the service industry of wedding photography.

As I sifted through some old boxes in my house, amongst the old paper work, and photos of friends from high school, I found photos of guys I used to date. I stopped and lingered. My mind forced to relive memories from these failed relationships. A rush of sadness and anger washed over me as I passed from photo to photo.

How much effort I had personally poured into each man, how happy I thought I was, and how disappointed I felt when more didn’t happen within these relationships. I remember being strung along for months, even years on guys that didn’t care about me.

I finally met my husband in 2013, and for the first year, I approached our relationship with skepticism and caution. My heart remained open because I always held out hope that things could change. In our vows to each other, I said I wish he had come into my life sooner, but I know we wouldn’t be the people we are today without that time before we met.

As a wedding photographer, I sometimes have to deal with rejection. Meeting potential clients happens to be a lot like dating. But…..when you speak to Redesignwithme, as a couple, and we connect instantly, it recreates that excitement of finding your partner all over again.

Booking a wedding photographer, like dating, is challenging, but it offers a chance to relive that excitement of connecting with someone and remember how far you’ve come, how you’ve grown, and changed throughout your own relationships. You understand what it feels like to have met the right person, just as you will feel meeting me, the right photographer to capture your wedding photos.

When I photograph a wedding, I get to reminisce constantly about why I love this time in a couple’s life and why I love being a part of it. I think back to that person you may have been, who through pain, heartache, and after years of searching, finally found your person.

I am right there with you because I went through it too.

In that moment when you say your vows and look into each others eyes, I am there to capture your spirits finally at peace that the search is over. You found each other, which is worth a celebration I can’t wait to photograph.

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