Rock Voices Performs Outdoors - Clifton Park NY - Photography

Updated: May 5

If you haven't attended already and you like rock music, it is a real treat to attend a Rock Voices concert event. You don't need the dark environment or the fancy lights to make rock n' roll come alive.

Nadine Baker, one of my past brides, posted the event on her Facebook page, and I thought "Hey, I like Rock music, and I like supporting the arts, I'm there."

Thank you Nadine for posting the event and it was wonderful to see you and your family again out in the sunshine. You did a wonderful job singing your heart out on stage with the chorus of Rock Voices on Saturday. You've introduced me to a new group I'll follow on social media going forward.

ROCK ON my friend!!!

Judi Frey (Above)

Nakia Brown (Above)

Brian Rose (Above)

Kim Strosahl (Above)

Nakia Brown (Above)

Nakia Brown (Above)

Director, Nathan Altimari (above)

Nancy Harrington (Above)

Heather Aubrey (Above)

Amy Birchler (Above)

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