Snowy Engagement Session - Thacher Park, NY

The six of us walked into the Visitor Center out of the cold windy snow covered landscape of Thacher Park, NY. It was the end of February and we had just received six to eight inches of snow the Friday before Tori and Ian's engagement session. It was actually a perfect situation for the couple since the weather two-weeks before the snowstorm had been warm enough to melt almost all the snow at the sites Rose, from, and I had scouted for a month earlier.

After spending a majority of the afternoon at the Paint Mine Trail and Overlook at Thacher Park, Tori and Ian, along with the Redrosevideo team and the Redesignwithme photography team, ended the engagement session at the Visitor's Center. Tori and Ian changed out of their fancy dress clothes and into warm casual wear. The couple stole both teams hearts as they posed for some casual photographs while cuddling and drinking hot cocoa downstairs on the comfy Visitor's Center couch.

After the hot cocoa warmed the couple up a bit, the five of us waited with anticipation while Ian took out his guitar. Tori sat beside Ian on the couch as he began to play some songs for her. The first song was "More than words" by Extreme, the second was "Blackbird" by the Beatles. We were all mezmorized, as Tori smiled and tapped her foot while watching Ian play for her. We all listened to Ian's voice and watched as he serenaded Tori by playing and singing the lyrics to "Slide" by the Goo Goo Dolls. The song transported us all and gave us a glimpse into the couple's love story. The intensity of the intimate moment between them was felt by all. Tears started to form in Tori's eyes as Ian played. I put down my camera and watched the end of Ian's performance. When he finished the song, I wiped the tears from my own eyes, as everyone cheered and clapped. Anyone can tell, this couple is truly in-love.

I am humbled and honored to share some of their photos along with a behind the scenes video of their session with you below.

Congratulations Ian and Tori!! The Redesignwithme team cannot wait until your wedding. We are very excited for you both and are so happy that you chose us to capture your wedding day.

If you would like to see more of their photos from this session, join us on our weddings and engagements page.

Special thanks to:

Lauren Eson Goldman - iphone video footage

Rose and Olivia - Redrosevideos for scouting the location with me and also some great posing prompts

Thacher Park, NY - For providing us access to the Visitors Center as well as delivering such a beautiful landscape for our snowy session

Makeup - Jhori from beauty by Jhori

Hair - Victoria's friend Nicole

Blue Suit - Men's Wearehouse

Maroon Dress - Amazon

Tori and Ian,

I couldn't help but smile as I was reviewing my sister's video footage from your engagement session in addition to your photos.

Ian, I have known your sister Jen Clemente for over 20 years now. Your siblings have graced my photography business pages time and time again over the years. I cannot express enough gratitude to all of you for supporting me throughout my life and my business and I am so honored that I can call Jen and her siblings friends who are practically family to me. I am so happy for you and Tori and can't wait to see you both tie the knot in December.

Hugs and kisses to you both!!!!


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