Wedding at the Croft - Downtown Phoenix, AZ

As a guest and partner to one of the wedding party groomsmen, I had the wonderful advantage and privilege to photograph our friend Sam’s wedding rehearsal and dinner, as well as grab a few shots of the wedding reception details and the couple dancing at the venue, The Croft.

When you walk around the outside of this building, there was no way to tell what awaited you inside the gates. Inside the walls of the venue, the surfaces were adorned with beautiful succulents, dried arrangements, and a keyhole entrance shape between the abby and the outside partially covered patio and open reception area. The entire venue had an industrial steel warehouse meets Alice in Wonderland feeling. The Croft was really the perfect place to hold this very intimate garden party and wedding reception.

It was an awesome trip to Peoria, AZ as well and I was able to photograph some cactuses and wildlife during our Cibola Vista Resort AirBnB stay.

After a week of gaining some pounds from barbecue and burritos, it feels good to be home in NY again, but we will dearly miss our friends, and especially, the few nights of intense and thought provoking conversations we never have the opportunity to have virtually.

Sam and Becky,

Becky, it was so wonderful to have gotten to know you more this past week. It’s been a true pleasure and I can see how happy you and Sam are together, which is so amazing!

Sam, we have missed you and the kids so much!! Everyone has grown up a ton since our wedding in 2019 and it feels like we missed so much time with you all. We are so happy we got to reconnect and we can’t wait to plan another trip to see you again next year. Love to you both!

- Rachel and Kurt

Rehearsal and Dinner Coverage:

Cibola Vista Resort, Peoria, AZ

The Croft Wedding Photos are below:

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